Surprise! Yeah, I bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? It's Friday and I didn't want to start getting into the code just before a week-end. What better opportunity, then, to go ahead and announce the details of my new project? For your reading pleasure, I give to you: SQUASH.

What is SQUASH?

You've all been waiting for it, so here it is. SQUASH is (will be) a full-featured bug tracker / ticketting system. The goal is simple: to provide a streamlined, easy-to-use interface for tracking bugs and enhancement requests. It will also integrate a wiki-based templating system that'll allow for documentation and other resources to be placed within the system.

Another tracker? Why?

There are several reasons, really. The first thing that motivated me into doing this is that the tracker we currently use at work is a complete piece of crap. Granted, it's the first tracker I had to work with, but still, nothing about it is easy or practical. A simple example: the interface for replying to a thread doesn't display past posts. I actually need to have two windows open: one for the original thread, one for the response so I can respond to each point.

Another reason is that there aren't many ColdFusion solutions out there for bug tracking. Sure, there's Ray Camden's Lighthouse Pro, but if I stopped myself from doing something just because Ray did it already, I'd be out of a job :P.

And then, there's the plain fact that I needed something to do. I want to prove to myself that I can see this project through. It's a relatively large project in that it has several compoments working together to achieve a single goal: making our lives as programmers easier and more efficient (*cries*).

Okay, you win. What will SQUASH have that'll make it so awesome?

Well, I wouldn't say awesome (*blushes*). Really cool, though. Anyways, here's a quick rundown of a couple of key features I'd like SQUASH to have when launched, in no particular order:

  • Complete user management (roles, permissions, etc.);
  • Ticket bucketting: categories, folders, groups, etc.;
  • User and ticket queues;
  • Wiki-based templating system;
  • Simple and streamlined user interface;
  • Mylyn integration (this would be neat, though could be tough);
  • Ajaxified elements? This one's tricky, as some functions warrant AJAX, and some don't. Might need to think a bit more on this one;
  • And much, much more!

Like I said, not necessarily all of these features will make it, but I'd sure like them to. As work progresses on the project I might even add in new features as I play around the interface and think of new ways to make it more awesomer.

This project sounds cool. How can I help?

There's no denying that several people working on a project will generally get it out the door faster. I'm not necessarily aiming for a quick release, though. Like I stated previously, I'm using this project to hone my skills using ColdBox and Coldspring. If people want to join in on the learning experience, that's fine by me. If I see enough interest I might setup a project on RIAForge to facilitate collaboration. In the meantime, this blog will serve as a daily log of my progress, as well as way for me to share what I've learned working on the project. Of course, any comments / insight / complaints and insults are always welcome.

Thanks for sticking around this long. Stay tuned for more.