Status Update, And A Couple Of Neat Things You Should Know

I was going to post something a little more... substantial, but then fate intervened. OK, it wasn't fate, but rather a lack of preparation on my part. I recently had to format my hard drive, and when I reinstalled all of my programs, I forgot the most important ones: my dev environment! So... when I came to get a post ready on Friday, I wasn't setup to get anything prepared! Instead of updating my blog, I was stuck installing (CF)Eclipse, SQL Server 2005 (and banging my head on the new roles/privileges/schemas system), SVN, no-ip and the likes. By the time I was done, so was the day. Today, I had set aside some time to write that entry I had prepared. However, not all went according to plan.


As Seen Elsewhere - Ben Nadel's Easy Tips For Writing Better, More Optimized SQL

Ben Nadel has written up an excellent post and started a really interesting discussion on SQL best practices. Some techniques apply only to Coldfusion (which is just fine ), but most of them cover SQL in general. Follow the link to indulge.