Beginner's Guide Series - Basic ColdFusion, part 2

Moving on with basic ColdFusion topics, today we'll look into the different variable types available. We'll also talk about the different ways of controlling the flow of the page through the use of conditional blocks and loops.


Beginner's Guide Series - Basic ColdFusion, part 1

We now make it to the pice-de-resistance. The next 2 or 3 posts should go over the basics of ColdFusion.


Beginner's Guide Series - Basic CSS

I know I'd promised that the next post would be about ColdFusion, but I guess I forgot to take a look at my list: what I want to talk about first is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


Beginner's Guide Series - Basic HTML, part 3

In this last part for basic HTML, we'll be looking at generating a table. Tables, in HTML, are used to display data. It can be a report. It can be a list of people and their related information. It can be, well, a lot of things. It should not, however, be used to create the layout for your page. There are much better and more convenient ways to do that, which we'll see in a couple of sections.


Beginner's Guide Series - Basic HTML, part 2

Yesterday, I talked about what HTML is and what an HTML document looks like. In part two of this section we'll cover general HTML tags, what they represent and how they are used. Remember, these can be placed anywhere between the document's <body> tags.


Beginner's Guide Series - Basic HTML, part 1

A friend of mine is learning ColdFusion, so I said to myself "Hey! That would make a great subject for the blog!" As this person is pretty much starting from scratch, I thought it'd be a good idea to write up a series for beginners. I have no intention of reinventing the wheel here, just helping out a friend and sharing with the world.


Attempt at Reducing Spam Comments

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been hit pretty hard with spam comments (wow-gold anyone?). Although BlogCFC makes them really easy to weed out (thanks Ray!), I can't help but feel bad when I realize that some of my readers who've subscribed to comments on posts get spammed by these as well.


JSON Serialization And Case... ColdBox vs ColdFusion 8

Earlier today I blogged about being aware of the differences between the way ColdBox and ColdFusion 8 handle variable names when serializing to JSON for remote calls (the original post name is much more elegant, I promise). Several questions arose as to the different ways variables can be created and how exactly each method would output, so I decided to put together this short test.


Small "gotcha" When Using ColdBox With AJAX Requests

Nothing big, really. However, I did spend part of the morning figuring it out. If you follow me on Twitter, you might've noticed I had to work out a weird problem with ColdBox and jQuery. What was happening was that I had a jQuery plugin working great with CF8, but as soon as I started using it on an app built around ColdBox it stopped working.


CFUG in the Montreal Area

I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but I'm still alive.

Just a short post today. A couple of people joined the Montreal CFUG in the last couple of days, so I thought this would be a great time to promote it and try and get even more people in!

So whatever your level of expertise is in ColdFusion, if you live in or around Montreal come join us: Official Adobe Groups page.

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